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Connection and installation of magnetostrictive displacement[17-09-26]
Magnetoelastic displacement sensor The wiring uses a no abrasion method of view, which guarantees that it can provide precise signal output with high linearity and repeatability It can supply analog signal output (4-20 mA or 0-10 VDC) or SS...
How to select sensor characteristics of various sensors[17-09-26]
Regardless of the type of sensor, all temperature sensors have to consider the above elements No matter what the most important measure, is to ensure that the medium measuring equipment itself does not affect the measured. Touch temperature...
Current research situation of sensors[17-09-26]
The development of sensor technology represents the development of mechatronics technology to a certain extent. Sensor technology is the key link of automatic control. Because the level of the technology directly affects the reaction speed...
Magnetostrictive linear displacement sensor[17-09-26]
Magnetostrictive linear displacement (level) transmitter (magnetic ruler) is a displacement transmitter with high accuracy and long distance absolute position fabricated by magnetostrictive principle. Not only can measure linear displacemen...
Accuracy and rating of displacement sensors[17-09-26]
A laser displacement sensor, capacitance sensor and so on, the accuracy of various sensors are not the same, a millimeter, micron and even nanometer, ZLDS100 displacement sensor is the high precision displacement sensor arrived at the nanom...
Wiring method and installation of displacement sensor[17-09-26]
Wiring method and installation notice of displacement sensor Displacement sensor , also called linear sensor, is a linear device with metal induction. The function of sensor is to convert various measured physical quantities into electrical...
General classification of displacement sensors[17-09-26]
Classification according to the mode of motion: 1.1 linear displacement sensor The function of the linear displacement sensor is to convert the linear mechanical displacement into electrical signals. 1.2 angle displacement sensor Angle disp...
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